photo by Colleen Hudgins

photo by Colleen Hudgins



Hello! It's me and my sweet new husband, Matthew. I started actively pursuing photography about three years ago after a lifetime of fascination with image-making. My grandfather used to collect old cameras from garage sales and thrift finds and I was lucky enough to inherit his collection after his passing. It sort of makes it feel like a family tradition which makes it more special to share with you.

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a dual degree in Creative Writing and Women's and Gender Studies. My husband and I recently relocated to Dallas, Texas to pursue my husband’s job goals! So if you’re local to Dallas, please say hi! I’d love to grab coffee or a glass of wine and get to know you. Though much of what I've learned about photography has been self-taught, I was lucky enough to take a few photography classes in college. I am still in awe when someone asks me to photograph a special or ordinary moment in their life and I try to treat each session with the same authenticity, creativity, and passion as my first. I think its easy, with anything we do regularly, to get stuck in a rut of routine and I never want to walk into your session just going through the motions. I have a desire to know you and your story so that I can capture what is so truly you. 

I believe in the power of vulnerability and speaking dreams into affirmation, so I'm going to share a secret dream of mine with you. I grew up fairly poor. I didn't go without anything I desperately needed, but I also went without a lot of things my friends had. The trend continued in college when I had to put myself through school with the help of private loans from companies with the power to charge excess interest. I worked three jobs while in undergrad full-time just to stay afloat. When I started out in photography, I was met with two realities: photography is incredibly expensive and photographers are often extremely exclusive. It's been heavy on my heart ever since. So, the dream? I want to make photography affordable for those that often have to go without life's indulgences, because while photography is a privilege, everyone deserves to have tangible memories of their lives and the people in them. I'm not sure how to totally accomplish this dream, but one way I'm working towards it is to offer a sliding scale in terms of sessions I offer. What this means? I set a price for each session, but if that price point feels out of reach for you, we'll find a place we can both agree on financially and make it work. Know a family, individual, or couple who would love to have photos but aren’t in a place to afford it? Please send them my way!